What Materials Do You Use?

What Materials Do You Use?

Knowing what materials to use is crucial for someone who is interested in learning fluid painting. Here I'll be answering some common questions I've received about my painting style.

What materials do you use?

I paint all of my decks using fluid acrylic paints. You can buy pre-mixed fluid acrylic paints at art stores these days which makes the process super simple. If you're looking to further customize your colors, you can also mix regular acrylic paints with pouring medium to help liquefy the paint to a good pouring consistency.

What paint brands do you suggest for a beginner?

A lot of art stores sell paints based on experience levels, so I'd look for paints that are labeled for beginners. These are often a bit more affordable as well, so you won't feel like you're wasting money while you're getting started on your painting journey. I've found that Deco-Art branded fluid acrylics are especially easy to work with as a beginner.

Do you seal your artwork with anything?

Yes. I use a satin finish spray top coat to seal in my art. It makes the art slightly matte which is my preferred finish, although they do make glossy and matte options as well. I prefer the spray versions of the top coats to avoid any brush strokes ruining the look of the art.

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